General Info about White Rodgers

White Rodgers aims to bring a smarter brain to HVAC systems. A subsidiary of Emerson Climate Technologies, White Rodgers celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2012. Since the 1930′s The Company has dedicated itself to increasing the comfort levels in our homes. A group of Emerson Climate employees, led by James Rodgers and Chesterfield White, developed a hydraulic HVAC controller. Emboldened by their discovery, the employees pooled their resources and left Emerson to form White Rodgers.

White Rodgers

The move toward a suburban lifestyle and the construction boom of the 1950′s brought great success to White Rodgers. By the end of the decade, the company was the top supplier of HVAC control systems. White Rodgers thermostats filled the many new homes being built. Emerson Climate (then called the Emerson Electric Co.) saw this success and brought White Rodgers back into the corporate fold.

White Rodgers produced its first programmable electric thermostat in 1983. Called the Comfort-Set thermostat, this thermostat did away with the binary “on”/”off” temperature controls and gave homeowners more latitude in heating and cooling their homes. The Company has since improved on this design and released subsequent thermostats make homes more comfortable and efficient.

Since James Rodgers and Chesterfield White first developed their hydraulic control system, White Rodgers has embodied the idea that advanced electronics can make homes more habitable and comfortable. In that vein, White Rodgers also produces indoor air quality products such as ventilators. However, it is the White Rodgers line of programmable smart thermostats which bring the company renown today.